Praised by the New York Times for her “appealingly melancholic sound” and “entertaining array of distortion effects,”Alexandria Smith is a trumpeter, improviser, and electronic musician/multi-media artist pursuing her DMA at the University of California San Diego.  The objective of her practice is to use a multidisciplinary approach to explore the parallels of the theoretical concepts behind interactive software and hardware, immersive environments, and music that form a cross-wiring of sensory perceptions and involuntary synthesis.  As a performer/composer, she is to researching more ways in which she can eliminate the roles of the “composer” and the “performer,” and adopt a democratic system of notation and musical ideas that can be changed in the moment and embody what the performer feels, experiences, and senses in space. Her recent work and collaborations are currently focusing on pushing the timbral limits of the trumpet, extended vocal techniques, and creating interactive performance environments.   An avid performer of new music, she has performed the New York City premier of Matthias Pintscher’s Occultation, the Martha Graham Dance Company 90th Anniversary concert, premiered a solo at Anthony Coleman’s 60th Birthday concerts, as the off-stage soloist in the Mannes Orchestra Carnegie Hall performance of John Adams On the Transmigration of Souls,  and in the ensemble for the premier of Ken Ueno’s Fortress Brass. As an improviser, she has performed at the Chamber Society of Lincoln Center, Chosen Vale, with Anthony Coleman at the Stone, and at John Zorn’s improv night.